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At Crystal Recording we provide a variety of audio services targeted at online businesses and websites. Streaming Audio is a great cross-media opportunity to target an Internet-savvy audience.

Maximize the reach and impact of your meetings and announcements with Streaming Audio. Online Audio allows you to broadcast to large geographically dispersed audiences over the Internet any time, anywhere. Deliver live or pre-recorded events easily and economically.

Services We Offer:

Call Center Recording:  Record your conference call and have it on the Internet to be listened to later.
Call Conference Transcription: We can have your conference call transcribed.
Short audio Messages: Have a short recording for your web-site

Tape / CD Conversion: Transfer Cassette Tapes or CDs to an Internet compatible format.

Audio tape / Recording cleanup: We can remove clicks, electrical hum, background noise, and completely remove parts of a recording that are not wanted.
Automated message delivery (autodialer) Customer records a short 30 second message and we deliver it to hundreds or thousands of people.
Automated testimonial recording - available 24/7. Record your short (less than 3 minute) message and we will process and post to the Internet on the following day.

Our Conference Call Recordings

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