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How to Order

Once you have decided to add an audio archive to your web site, these are the next steps.

1. Contact the sales office via e-mail at: or by phone at 815-233-4899 to schedule the time slot and receive the new account form.
2. Your web-master will need to create an audio archives page. Check audio samples for what other people have done.
3. Decide if Crystal Recording will use a common access password to access the web site or if one will be created. That username and password will need to be communicated to Crystal Recording.
4. Contact your web-site hosting provider to activate support for real audio or Windows Media. (Crystal Recording can assist with this).
5. Front Page access needs to be enabled on your web site. Crystal Recording uses Microsoft FrontPage to perform the modifications to the audio archives page. If this will cause a problem with the web-site, Crystal Recording can use Macromedia Dreamweaver.
6. Decide how to let your members know that these calls are now being recorded. It is illegal in some states for a phone conversation to be recorded without ALL parties' knowledge of the recording. This law is easy to accommodate and promote the audio archives at the same time. When the speaker arrives on the call, the speaker should announce in some way that the call is being recorded.

"We at Xyz Company have these calls recorded and put on the Internet at so that you can focus on the call now and review the information later to make notes."
7. Payment will be deducted from the Credit Card provided at the beginning of the month for the recordings to be performed that month.

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