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Welcome to Crystal Recording

At Crystal Recording we provide a variety of audio services targeted at the Internet and Telephone..

Conference call recording for streaming from the Internet Audio Services
Short audio messages for web-pages.
Conversion of audio tapes/CDs to Internet compatible format with streaming.
Audio tape / recording cleanup
Call Transcription

New Services!
• Automated message delivery (autodialer). Customer records a short 30 second message and we deliver it to hundreds or thousands of people.

• Automated testimonial recording - available 24/7. Record your short (less than 30 minute) message and we will process and post to the Internet the following day.

Some Benefits of Having Audio on your web-site:


Within hours, have your live conference call uploaded to your web-site!
Cost Effective and Instant Access.  No more mailing audio tapes!
Maintain consistency of training material.  Everyone receives the exact same information no matter what month it is. Keep your customers / prospects attention.
Basic training of people is automated.  Less time spent with newbies.
Separate your company from the rest of the pack.  Audio can help 'Brand' your web-site

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