Call Conference Transcription

We take a recording of your Conference call and have it transcribed

Here is what we do to record your conference call:

1 We dial up to the conference center just like any other guest.
2 We start recording the call immediately when entering the call with some proprietary software.
3 We repeat the previous step with another completely independent system using a different phone line.  (This protects against hardware failure, and more commonly, the conference center spontaneously dropping a guest "us")
4 At the conclusion of the call, your recording is saved into a standard wav format.  From here, the background noise is removed, any segments of rude guests, FAX machines, etc are removed, and we cut the call to start and stop where you want it
5 The call is "encoded" and optimized into a format that can be streamed on the Internet.  Usually Windows media or Real Audio
6 We upload the call to your web-site and create the link to it on your audio archives page
  From this point, visitors to your web-site are able to listen to your recorded call whenever they want
* Note: The encoding process is done so that people on dial-up Internet connections receive no, or few "buffering" - Stops in the recording when listening to it.

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