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Why choose Crystal Recording over one of those companies that charges $20.00 to record a conference call?

Crystal Recording specializes in conference call recording, editing, encoding, and posting to your web-site.

All you have to do is tell us to record it, and we take care of EVERYTHING else

Here is what we do to record your conference call:

1 Those companies generally record the entire call, and then send you a copy of it. On a CD in any format you want, via the snail mail.
2 You are then responsible for editing the beginning and end of the call so that it starts and stops where you want.
3 You are responsible for taking the file from the CD that you received in the mail and putting the call onto your web-site, or you can just pay your web-master to do it for $30.00 ($50 and 4 days have gone by now)
4 you/your web-master must get the call so that it start playing just after someone clicks on the link, rather than having to wait 30 minutes to download it before listening to it.
5 Most important. The original file you received is saved in such a format that causes “buffering for people on dial-up Internet access if you get it to stream properly. Buffering is when the recording will just stop for 20 seconds or more while your computer downloads more of the recording.

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